The Relation Between Diabetes And ED

The Relation Between Diabetes And ED

The Relation Between Diabetes And ED

The conditions of erectile dysfunction (ED) and diabetes are linked. The inability to obtain or maintain an erection for sexual performance is known as ED. The problem for some men is that they can’t get an erection, while for others, the erection doesn’t last long enough. While there are a variety of reasons why someone develops ED, men with diabetes develop the condition within ten years of being diagnosed. Men under the age of 50 are more likely to develop ED. Those with high blood pressure or heart problems are more likely to develop ED sooner.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Although erectile dysfunction is not an inevitable part of ageing, it is only a matter of time before someone with diabetes begins to experience this problem. While the majority of men have a mild form of ED, a small percentage have a more intense form.

Diabetes is a long-term condition characterised by high blood sugar levels. These high levels damage tissue and nerves in the body, as well as wreaking havoc on a variety of organs. High sugar levels affect even the smallest blood vessels. You can also use Kamagra Oral Jelly to cure ED problem.

When the blood supply to the penis is increased, an erection occurs. This is because when a man is sexually aroused, nitric oxide is released into the bloodstream. The mind and local nerve impulses cause the penile muscles to unwind, allowing more blood to flow into them, resulting in a penis expansion and an erection.

Diabetes damages the nerves and veins that supply blood to the penis, affecting erection. Furthermore, high blood sugar levels reduce the amount of nitric oxide released into the blood.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Risk Factors

If you have diabetes, a few factors increase your chances of developing ED. They are as follows:

  • The glucose level was poorly managed.
  • If blood sugar levels continue to fluctuate, the risk of blood vessel and nerve damage increases.
  • Depression and anxiety are two common side effects of stress.
  • Individuals who suffer from anxiety are more likely to have ED problems than those who are less stressed.
  • Men who are depressed have more sexual problems than most men.
  • Smoking Diabetes is difficult to handle, and smokers are more likely to develop ED.
  • The amount of weight
  • People who are overweight are more likely to develop ED.

Diabetes and ED Diagnosis and Treatment

If you are experiencing problems, you can speak with your doctor about ED. A physical examination is used to rule out nerve problems in the testicles or penis. A blood test may be performed as well. Your specialist will either prescribe the drugs or refer you to someone who specialises in sexual dysfunction. If you have diabetes but don’t have ED, talk to your doctor about the likelihood of developing the issue in the future.

Generic medicines have a significant impact on sex drive. PDE5 inhibitors include drugs such as Stendra, Viagra, Tadalafil, Levitra, and Cialis. Erectile dysfunction may also be treated with Kamagra 100 mg pill.

The most common form of treatment is an oral prescription. The blood flow to the penis and testicles is increasing as a result of these drugs. The insulin prescriptions aren’t working for them. There are other options, such as implants and pumps, but they are much less potent and come with much more risks than oral medicine. Hormone and penile infusion therapies are now being used in more and more difficult situations.


Research has shown that embracing a healthy lifestyle will help prevent ED. Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean your sexual well-being is over. This way of life improvement aids in the management of diabetes and the prevention of ED.

Maintain a healthy blood sugar level

Maintaining a stable glucose level helps protect your organs as well as your nerves and veins. A regular eating routine will help you maintain blood sugar balance. It will assist you in increasing your strength and psychological health.

Loss of weight

Even a small weight loss will help you control your diabetes and, as a result, reduce your risk of ED. You will feel lighter, have better erections, and have a better feeling.



Getting active will help you lower your blood sugar levels, enhance blood flow to various organs, and increase your vitality levels. It will assist you in losing weight and feeling better about yourself.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress reduces sexual excitement and may be the cause of your ED. Many activities, such as yoga, meditation, listening to music, exercising, and others, can help to reduce anxiety symptoms. Find your niche and participate in the activities that you enjoy. Consult a doctor if you are experiencing depression or anxiety.

Reduce your alcohol intake.

Regular alcohol consumption damages veins and raises blood glucose levels. Furthermore, studies have shown that while alcohol increases your desire for sex, it decreases your ability to have sexual excitement. Smoking also increases the desire to smoke, which causes more harm to the body.

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