How To Fall Asleep Sooner ?

How To Fall Asleep Sooner ?

How To Fall Asleep Sooner ?

If you find that when you go to bed, you just lie awake, you are not alone with this problem. Here is some help on how to fall asleep sooner.

Your falling asleep problem might only happen sometimes; if this is so, you need to work out what is happening in your life at those times. Maybe you are thinking about a work problem, or you are worried about finances or just excited about an upcoming event.

When you have something going around and around in your mind, it will always be difficult getting to sleep. You need to clear your mind; keep a notebook and pen beside the bed, and write down what is on your mind before you turn out the light. Just this simple act of making notes, gets it out of your mind and helps you fall asleep. A wonderful bonus of using this strategy is that you often wake up with the solution in your mind!

If your problem with falling asleep is more frequent, you need to find ways to break this cycle. Write down what you normally do in the evenings and look for things that could be causing you to lie awake. You might find something common to every evening that you can change and so help your sleeping pattern.

There are some activities that may prevent you falling asleep, such as action packed TV or movies, energetic workouts, reading thriller novels, caffeine and alcohol. Instead of these stimulating activities try reading something gentle, listening to music, practicing meditation, quiet card games or having a warm milk drink.

Make up a bedtime routine for yourself that calmly prepares you for sleep, repeating to yourself that you are going to fall into a deep, refreshing sleep. Make it a habit, with the same time each evening. Remove all thoughts of not being able to get to sleep. Simple breathing exercises help to relax you when you get into bed, then let your mind wander into a deep sleep.

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